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Brand Discovery: June 2017

How is it June already?! I’ll admit it; I’ve been a bad blogger recently. Between suffering from both sunstroke and migraines and having family to stay; I haven’t put in as much time as I like to and have even spent less time on social media. However, I still managed to discover a few brands I previously hadn’t heard of. Here’s a quick round-up of the brands that came on to my radar during June. Some of these companies have been around for decades and others are small businesses that are still emerging but they all have one thing in common; I wish I knew about them sooner.

  1. Alpha Betty’s – This clothing brand is still relatively new but I am so lucky to have it virtually on my doorstep. I came across Alpha Betty’s at a rather quirky local craft fair held in a nearby church. Always one for a slogan tee; I was instantly drawn to the range of ‘Hangry’ pieces for children but settled on a nautical looking ‘Made in Southsea’ top for her instead. Currently selling at local events; I can see this brand becoming much bigger, very quickly. 
  2. Evebox –Beautiful gifts bundled together and sent directly to the recipient; sounds good right?! This gifting has only just launched but I have already bookmarked it in my browser ready in preparation for birthdays, anniversaries and even Christmas.  You can select a box based on  recipient, occasion or price and with a range of presents from tea to fine chocolate and luxury skincare  – there are thoughtful ideas to suit many. I’m loving the ‘Luxury Marble‘ one.
  3. Cocobelle Baby – The smell of coconut goes hand in hand with the feel of summer. We were lucky enough to try out this virgin coconut oil to see if it would make a difference on little miss’ sensitive and eczema prone skin. I didn’t know that there was different grades of coconut oil before trying this but I could tell the high quality of this product even on first use. It made her skin silky smooth and helped prevent the awful nappy rash that goes along with teething from getting worse.
  4.  Lancashire Farm – Like many people, even if I take a shopping list with me, I often buy items at the supermarket just because they are on offer. Sometimes this works in my favour and on other occasions it doesn’t. I’m very glad I took a chance on the low fat flavoured bio yogurts from Lancashire Farm – perfect combination of full flavour and creamy taste despite being low in fat. The mango one is definitely set to be one of my fave desserts this summer.

I can’t wait to see which brands and products fly on to my radar this month. Let me know if you are part of a  small business, local company or emerging brand that I should know about.

Brand Discovery: May 2017

Whilst I like to think I keep my finger on the pulse; I know, in reality, there are so many brands and products I’ve yet to discover. So here’s a quick round-up of the brands that came on to my radar during May. Some of these companies have been around for decades and others are small businesses that are still emerging but they all have one thing in common; I wish I knew about them sooner.

  1. Green People – Organic skincare and make-up brand, Green People, have been going for 20 years providing people of all ages with products that will not harm their skin. I stumbled on to this company whilst looking for a solution to little girl’s nasty case of baby eczema and was really pleased with what I found. I’ll be heading back to them in the near future for some make-up remover for me and some suncare for little one.
  2. Ink Rocket – A design-led clothing company that is ethical and sustainable with garments for both adults and children. Their range includes everything from slogan tees to colourful hoodies and even ‘Mummy & Me’ matching outfits. With plenty of cute prints and uplifting messages; I can see this brand really taking off. Personally, I’m saving my pennies for when the baby and toddler collection is launched.
  3.  Decadent Decaf – It’s no secret that I love coffee, but I’ve had to limit my caffeine intake due to breastfeeding. I’m a big believer in supporting local businesses and, as a Hampshire based blogger, Decadent Decaf HQ is only a short way from me. I was after a decaf that would still taste like ‘real’ coffee and boy did it deliver – no wonder they’ve won awards.
  4.  Zymurgorium – PARMA VIOLET GIN – need I say more?! After hearing of this drink on Twitter I instantly knew I needed to track it down & luckily a lovely fellow blogger was able to point me in the right direction – Zymurgorium. This Manchester based drinks company have brew and distil a wide range of delicious drinks guaranteed to induce good times and evoke happy memories.

I can’t wait to see which brands and products fly on to my radar this month. Let me know if you are part of a  small business, local company or emerging brand that I should know about.

Review: Green People Soothing Baby Salve

When you have sensitive skin it can take lots of trial and error to find a product that will not aggravate you and will soothe any irritations. Make-up, toiletries and even washing-up liquid has been known to cause my skin to flare up in a rash which is why I was so disheartened when I first noticed my little girl had developed a pretty nasty case of baby eczema. Not wanting to see her suffer; I instantly set about finding lotions and potions to help her. Fast forward several months and it’s still as bad as ever.  We’ve tried plenty of things from prescription to over the counter skincare and even holistic alternatives but still the crimson scourge of dermatitis remains present. So when someone recommended I try ‘Lavender Soothing Baby Salve’ by Green People I was willing to give it go.

It’s been nearly ten days now since we, the royal ‘we’ that is, started using this organic skin product as part of our bedtime routine and what a difference those days have made. It is usually a nightmare to get little one to sit still whilst I apply creams but she remains completely calm as rub this in. I’m not normally one for the scent of lavender but the fragrance is so light in this that I don’t mind it and it’s perfect for just before sleepytime! You can tell it’s made with all natural organic ingredients as it doesn’t take me a lifetime to wash the inevitable excess of my hands afterwards. Oh and did I mention Mr Green Man, as we like to call him, he’s the cute little character on the side of the tube that makes my little girl laugh as I apply the ‘magic medicine’.

I don’t want to give false ideas, the eczema hasn’t completely gone, but it improved substantially and appears to be much less irritating to her. At £10.50 for 100ml it’s definitely value for money with only a little able to go a long way. I can see this product, and Mr Green Man, becoming a regular in our household. Fingers crossed the benefits long continue.

4 of the Best: Sweet Shop Inspired Soaps

SWEET SHOP SOAPSTo say I have a sweet tooth would be an understatement of epic proportions! Generally speaking; I prefer chocolate to more traditional sweets but there are some smells that draw me in and instantly make me feel like I’ve had some of the pleasure of enjoying confectionery without any of the calories. So when multiple brands started bringing out skincare products with a nod to some confectionery classics; I knew they had the ability to become a staple in my bathroom and I wasn’t wrong!

There are so many wonderful varieties of sweet shop inspired soaps but if I had to narrow it down these would be my ‘best of the bunch’:

  1. Patisserie de Bain, Sugared Violet Ah, Parma Violets, my favourite non-chocolate sweets. Not only have Patisserie de Bain absolutely nailed this; they have made this soap in the shape of a deliciously sweet looking cupcake. I usually prefer liquid-hand soap to the bar variety but this is the exception to my rule as it leaves my hands feeling silky smooth.
  2. Wilko, Rhubarb & Vanilla If you asked people what their favourite traditional sweet is then I’m pretty sure a lot of them would say ‘Rhubarb & Custard’. Wilko have taken this classic sweet and bottled it in soap form. My only complaint would be that the smell is a bit too authentic as it always leaves me desperately wanting to make a trip to the newsagents!
  3. Carex Fun Editions, Cola Bottles – I don’t actually like the taste of cola bottles, controversial I know, but I really do like the smell. This soap provides me with all the joy of a sweet shop scent without the desire to gorge on the item it’s reminiscent of. Available in most pharmacies and supermarkets; Carex Fun Editions is a product able to fill many homes and minds with sweet memories.
  4. The Body Shop, Strawberry – This soap is designed to be fruity rather than sweet-themed. However, whenever I use it I can’t help but associate the smell with strawberry laces as the scent is overpoweringly sweet. Whilst it’s a little bit more expensive than the others; it is made with all natural ingredients which allows your skin to reap the rewards that come with natural beauty.

Which confectionery scents are your favourites? Are there any similar products you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments section.