I love clothes, I love fashion and I most definitely love to shop! For the past couple of days I’ve been using my spare time to scour the web in search of a top that I saw a lady wearing at playgroup. So far my search has been fruitless but it has got me thinking about the dreaded feeling of outfit envy which I find myself coming down with far more frequently than I’d like. I’ll run you through the 4 stages I experience during a bout of outfit envy.

  1.  Admiration – That moment you spy a garment from across the room being modelled perfectly by someone other than you. It starts with admiration; for the clothing and for the person wearing it for styling the look.  Well done to them on finding such a gem. You may even vocalise the admiration by giving the wearer a compliment, after all, a compliment can always act as a mood lifter.
  2. Resentment – Unfortunately it doesn’t take long before the admiration fades and resentment, albeit irrational, starts to set in. You go from thinking the other person is a  bit of style icon for finding such a beautiful piece, to being a bit peeved that you didn’t snap it up first, especially considering the amount of time you put in to browsing potential purchases. I mean; why do they have to have such amazing clothes when I have ‘NOTHING TO WEAR’!
  3. Investigation – How do you get over the resentment? Go on a full scale hunt for the item: sit down, get comfortable & make Google your best friend. Use every search term you can think of, utilise specific shopping search sites and visit retailers you think would carry the piece in their collection. In this stage motivation is key in leaving no stone unturned and keeping the faith that you too can achieve #OutfitGoals!
  4. Compromise – All that optimism you had in the investigation stage has started to disappear and you’re now worried that you have lost this particular battle of style wars. Do you now admit defeat? Of course not, you start thinking about a compromise. You could find a similar garment to the one you originally wanted or you could reward your efforts by spending a few pounds on a piece you’ve been lusting over for a while. Which ever way you decide to compromise; you will find that your mood is substantially higher now you have reached the final stage and outfit envy is over. 

Do you ever find yourself suffering from outfit envy? Is there a fine line between admiring someone else’s style and being jealous that it isn’t you rocking that look? Or am I just living in an irrational, and slightly self-obsessed, bubble. Let me know in the comments section.