Ah ice cream; the perfect sweet treat on a hot day for all ages. We don’t get much sun in the UK but one thing is a guarantee, if the sun’s out, there will be a ice cream van or kiosk waiting to take your order. I’m a fan of most ice cream: I love a Magnum, Mini Milks make me nostalgic and I have a soft spot for a slightly retro Viennetta  but my favourite by far is a large scoop of creamy dairy ice cream. British dairy farms, and the wonderful things they put so much time and love in to producing, need to be both supported and celebrated. That’s why I’ve put together a round up of my favourite dairy farm ice cream brands.

  1. Northney Ice Cream, Hayling Island – Now this is a brand that I had not heard of before making the move to Hampshire just under a year ago but my gosh am I glad I’ve now tried it! Our local pub has Northney Ice Cream on their dessert menu and every time I visit, despite telling myself I should try something new, I can’t help but choose the pudding option of 3 massive scoops of ice cream. With this dairy farm just a short journey across the water from me; I am very tempted to attend one of their open days this summer to see for myself where it all comes from and find myself in a little bit of ice cream heaven! I recommend creating a mocha taste with 1 scoop of chocolate and 1 scoop of coffee. 
  2. Marshfield Farm Ice Cream, Wiltshire – I haven’t lived in the West Country for over ten years now but Marshfield Farm ice cream still manages to take me home with every mouthful. Produced in Wiltshire; this ice cream can be found in many pubs, ice cream vans and attractions across the South West and even further afield. I’m very lucky that even over 100 miles away from ‘home’; I can still enjoy this brand virtually on my doorstep at the local lake. There are plenty of flavours to choose from but my favourite has to be the ‘toffee fudge fiasco’.
  3. Cheshire Farm Ice Cream, Tattenhall – If you live in the North West and you haven’t visited the ice cream farm in Tattenhall yet then be sure to set a reminder on your phone and pencil it in to your diaries as this dairy farm has become more of an attraction for a day of family fun. It’s not just delicious ice cream that Cheshire farm has to offer, it also boasts: an adventure golf course, tractor tours of the animal enclosures, a soft play area and even a treasure cove where you can pan for gems! When you’re all exhausted from the full day of fun; you can sit back and relax with one of their ice creams in over 50 different flavours. Make mine a ‘White chocolate, raspberry & oreos’ will you!
  4. Shepherds Ice Cream, Herefordshire – Okay so you might think this is a little ‘out there’ but Shepherds produce milk made from yep, you guessed it, sheep’s milk. I first tried their ice cream over a decade ago on a trip to Hay-on-wye; the town of books on the border of Wales which stole my heart and holds so many memories of time spent with my late Dad. I’ll be honest, I was a bit sceptical about ice cream made from Sheep’s milk, my worries were put to bed on first taste and I was totally unprepared for how creamy it could be whilst full of flavour. With year round favourites, as well as quirky seasonal variations, there is a flavour for everyone. My choice is the cardamom and lavender.

Is there an ice cream farm near you that is out of this world? Dairy Farm we should know about? What’s your favourite flavour? Let me know in the comments section