Ah teething, you’ve got a lot to answer for! There are a few indicators that my little one is suffering from the teething process but the main one is a really bad case of nappy rash.  Having extremely sensitive skin, and an awful case of baby eczema, means I’m a bit overly cautious when it comes to trying her with products so I try to find as natural remedies as I can come across. When we were given the chance to try Cocobelle Baby*, a new organic coconut oil product designed with babies in mind , I was keen to see if this product could help improve things.

This wasn’t my first time using coconut oil; I used a vat of coconut oil from a leading supermarket when baby girl was much smaller to aid the removal of cradle cap. On opening the tub it became clear that this coconut oil was different to brands I had tried previously; it felt much more gentle on the skin and was less greasy when applying. Until this point I was unaware that there are different grades of coconut oil; I just assumed that it was all the same and the only reason for massive differences in price from brand to brand was due to status rather than quality.

I applied Cocobelle Baby to little miss’ skin at every change for 5 days running. It had a definite effect and she seemed to be much less sore than she usually is during the troublesome teething phases. The smell of coconut constantly surrounding me was also a winner; even if it did make me desperately want a holiday! Wanting to find more about the product and trying to decide whether I would get it again; I went in search of information about the people behind Cocobelle and the inspiration for the product. Their story is one I can really relate to, it’s of a couple desperately searching for products to soothe their child’s eczema and be gentle on the skin.

I’ll be continuing to use this product whilst the one-year-old is still suffering and would also consider using it on future skin ailments. Oh and one final, slightly trivial thing, I love the logo as it made me think of scales on a mermaid tail!


*Cocobelle Baby was gifted to me in exchange for a product test and honest review. All opinions and views are my own.