I’ll never be a size 8 and I’m fine with that, it probably wouldn’t suit me anyway, what I’m not fine with is being told that someone ‘presumes’ I need plus size. Whilst I don’t like the phrase ‘plus size’, I have absolutely no problem with being over a certain size as I’m a firm believer in beauty coming in all shapes and sizes – we’d live in a very boring world if everyone were to look and act the same as each other.  The issue I have is with others guessing my size or presuming I want the plus size section whilst talking in a tone that indicates they think I should be ashamed.

Bee in my bonnet? Okay; I could be accused of this. It’s a small thing that niggles at me from time to time but usually I don’t think about my shape. I love clothes; if I had no self-control (or a money tree) then I could happily spend days upon days shopping. I can fit in to garments from nearly any high-street shop but I get the added bonus of also being able to shop collections designed exclusively for a curvier figure.  I just dislike being told where to shop or what to wear based on nothing other than a number.

Why is this popping up now? When I was walking down the street today a stranger handed me a business card and told me to ‘pop in’ sometime. It was for a pre-loved plus size clothing agency for women size 18 upwards. Another time, another place, I might have congratulated the lady handing out cards on her efforts to build business. Not this time though; I was annoyed that she would have been assessing my size as I was happily walking around, pushing the pram and minding my own business. Suddenly my head filled with all the memories of people speculating my size and whether I might “do something about it”.

It’s unlikely we’re ever going to live in a world where people do not judge others based on looks but I hope I don’t have to encounter too many more thoughtless people making presumptions about what plus size means or feels like.