When you have sensitive skin it can take lots of trial and error to find a product that will not aggravate you and will soothe any irritations. Make-up, toiletries and even washing-up liquid has been known to cause my skin to flare up in a rash which is why I was so disheartened when I first noticed my little girl had developed a pretty nasty case of baby eczema. Not wanting to see her suffer; I instantly set about finding lotions and potions to help her. Fast forward several months and it’s still as bad as ever.  We’ve tried plenty of things from prescription to over the counter skincare and even holistic alternatives but still the crimson scourge of dermatitis remains present. So when someone recommended I try ‘Lavender Soothing Baby Salve’ by Green People I was willing to give it go.

It’s been nearly ten days now since we, the royal ‘we’ that is, started using this organic skin product as part of our bedtime routine and what a difference those days have made. It is usually a nightmare to get little one to sit still whilst I apply creams but she remains completely calm as rub this in. I’m not normally one for the scent of lavender but the fragrance is so light in this that I don’t mind it and it’s perfect for just before sleepytime! You can tell it’s made with all natural organic ingredients as it doesn’t take me a lifetime to wash the inevitable excess of my hands afterwards. Oh and did I mention Mr Green Man, as we like to call him, he’s the cute little character on the side of the tube that makes my little girl laugh as I apply the ‘magic medicine’.

I don’t want to give false ideas, the eczema hasn’t completely gone, but it improved substantially and appears to be much less irritating to her. At £10.50 for 100ml it’s definitely value for money with only a little able to go a long way. I can see this product, and Mr Green Man, becoming a regular in our household. Fingers crossed the benefits long continue.