closet-jamOkay, I’ll hold my hands up, I’m guilty of having far too many clothes in my wardrobe. In all fairness; I do wear most of the items but there is still an item or few that could go missing and I wouldn’t even notice. Clearly this means I should have a bit of a clear out as there’s no point in holding on to garments that go unworn and with this in mind I started looking into how I could clear some precious wardrobe space whilst earning a bit of cash even if that money ends up going towards new clothing – oops!

There were many more options out there than I first realised but I managed to narrow it down to four.

  1. Ebay – For most people, myself included, Ebay seems to be the first port of call when looking to make a few pennies from doing a spring clean. Whilst the online auction site is able to reach a lot of potential buyers; it can be an extremely diluted market and therefore your items may not attract as much attention as they deserve.
  2. Pretty-Urban – Relatively new to the scene; Pretty-Urban provide a clothes buying service which gives the seller a more reasonable price for their garments than they would get from a ‘cash for clothes’ style recycling centre which pay a low fixed rate per kg. It’s a quicker process than listing auction items and allows shoppers to buy good quality second-hand items without having to get in to a bidding war.
  3. Vinted – It was actually my little sister that gave me the heads up about Vinted. I like to think of it as Ebay meets Instagram; it’s easy to sell your items, you can reach a lot of buyers but it has such an image-heavy layout that it is so easy to browse – I spent a good couple of hours looking at clothes on my first visit to the site. You can achieve a great return on invest from Vinted but it’s only really worth using if you are trying to sell recognised brands and reasonably current fashion styles.
  4. Facebook Selling Group – Nearly every city, town and village in the country has a dedicated selling group on the social networking site. Often named ‘Buy, Swap & Sell in …’; these groups are a quick and easy way to reach people in your local area looking to buy. Bonus points for not having to deal with postage as is customary to either collect or deliver within a certain radius.

Where do you sell on your old clothes? Is there a fashion resell business or website which I should check out? Let me know in the comments section.