Every fashion lover tends to have a few brands which they have some kind of unexplained affinity with; ones that continue to make clothing they lust for season after season. For me; Mango is one of those brands. The combination of classic pieces and fashion items at affordable prices means I became a loyal Mango customer from the moment I started earning my own spending money!

For years I was lucky enough to live in cities where I had Mango stores on my doorstep but my most recent move has taken me to a location where my nearest store is a good hour away. Yes I know it’s not the end of the world and that their entire collection is available to buy with just the click of  a few buttons but it’s not the same. I like to see potential purchases in the flesh to get a better idea of colours, shapes and fabrics.

I need not worry any more – as of today Debenhams are stocking the Mango brand. I read the news in a retail publication a couple of weeks ago but when I had the email this morning to say it was now in stock I was overjoyed as there are a few branches very nearby and plenty more across the country.

Think I hear the high street calling my name!