Apparently, it’s ‘World Penguin Day‘ today. Whilst I know this is meant to be about the animal; I immediately thought of the publishing company. You see, for as long as I remember, Penguin Classics have held a special place in my heart.  What started out as someone else’s interest and collection has turned into my almost obsession.

You don’t have to spend very long in my house before my fondness for the PCs becomes obvious; if you don’t spot the rows of orange & white paperbacks lining the shelves the penny will definitely drop when your tea or coffee arrives in a mug with a classics cover design. And the moment I own my own house: I’m buying Classics wallpaper and implementing a feature wall.

How did this love story start you ask? Like most start off – trying to impress a man! This man was the most intelligent, creative, funny and loving man the world has ever seen and I loved him more than anything. This man was my dad.

As a child, I would spend many an hour in charity shops and antique book stores playing ‘hunt the Penguin’ to help my Dad find more classics to add to his vast collection. I would gain so much pleasure from finding a title that he didn’t already have. Fast forward 20 years and his much loved collection, now gathering dust on more than one bookcase, was sold. A few years after getting rid of the collection my Dad sadly passed away following a short but aggressive battle with Brain Tumours and I quickly found therapy in buying those same paperbacks I’d hunt for with him as a child.

For me, Penguin Classics are not just a set of wonderful works of literature to immerse yourself in, they are a symbol of happiness and a living memory of one of the most important people in my life.  This World Penguin Day, like most days, I’ll be raising a classics mug to my Dad as I relax with a good book.