We’ve all got a lot to feel grateful for but sometimes we need little pick-me-ups to remind us that life is good; I like to think of these as ‘smile moments’! I had one of these moments yesterday when I luckily managed to get my hands on a ‘Southsea Box‘ whilst out for yet another coffee & cake session at one of my favourite cafés.

The Southsea Box is a package of goodies that is generously bundled together and sent out in to the neighbourhood for someone to find in order to give them a little bit of an expected mood lift. The contents and location of the box changes on a weekly basis. Locals who know about this marvellous act of kindness can find out where it will be located via social media whilst others will just be pleasantly surprised upon discovery of one of these parcels of joy.

So what goodies did I receive? There was: an eyeliner, scented candle, mug and coaster set, bath lily, party popper, small box of smarties, lip balm, lolly, picture of a red squirrel, set of greetings cards, keyring, neckerchief/scarf & a ‘Little Miss’ book.

I’m thrilled with these bits and feel uplifted knowing that good deeds like this do happen. Here’s hoping this idea is picked up and used in other areas of the UK.